Baker and Rowley Chicago Talent Agency Scam


BEWARE!  Baker & Rowley Chicago Talent Agency Scam  BEWARE!



If you receive an unsolicited call from this company and they are interested in representing you...BEWARE!


You will be told that you have a "look" that can get you print/modeling work through their agency.  She makes it clear that you MAY NOT BE CHOSEN for representation.  This is only a psychological ploy.  You are asked to take a few pictures of yourself on a flash drive and fill out a litany of PDF files with your personal information (Including your Social Security and driver's license number, to verify your identity)


You will then be asked to come to a nameless office building (Shared Office Space), usually on a Saturday or Sunday ("Because they are so busy during the week and have an urgent need for talent") where you will be interviewed in a generic 'conference room', not their "office".


After ten or so minutes the woman will excitedly tell you they WILL represent you.  (There was never a question!)


It is at this point you are presented with the choice to be included on their website...for a fee.  You are assured that it is not required but without it, you will not be visible to their clients.  The fee ranges from $65 to over $100 with an incentive to pay in cash for a 10% discount (Conveniently, there is an ATM right across the street!)


Since you are here you have already done your homework.


GOGGLE(r) the following phrase:

baker and rowley chicago complaints


and you will see story after story of how they have, allegedly taken people's money and given them nothing. According to these stories, even if they do get you work, chances are you may not be paid.


The above account is that of my personal experience and personal opinion.